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Floating Laptop Sloped Riser Stand

Floating Laptop Sloped Riser Stand

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The DuraClear Acrylic Sloped Laptop Riser is the ideal solution to enhance workspace areas. Compatible with laptops up to 17" and 40 pounds, it's versatile and suitable for a wide range of devices. Made of top-quality acrylic that is scratch resistance and guarantees durability for prolonged usage.

Laptops are raised by 2.5" to achieve a comfortable viewing angle and prevent hunching, neck, and eye strain. The sturdy base and natural grip of this stand provide a stable platform for laptops, preventing slips and falls. Built-in ventilation slots help to prevent overheating.

Upgrade your workstation with the DuraClear Acrylic Floating Laptop Sloped Riser and experience improved comfort, stability, and durability.

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