Transparent Acrylic

Made from Grade AAA Materials

Laptop & Monitor Risers

Bathroom & Kitchen Risers

Keep countertops clean and clutter free

Highly Transmissive

Our Acrylic Products Always Have a Crystal Clear Display

No Discoloration

Our Acrylic Products Will Remain Crystal Clear for Years

High Impact Strength

For Those Who Are Clumsy

Kitchen & Bathroom Risers

Keep countertops neat and clean with Duraclear acrylic risers. Made to elevate common items like paper towels, containers, bottles, shampoo, sponges, and soap. The crystal clear acrylic fits seamlessly into any decor.

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At DuraClear, we are passionate about transforming living spaces into sleek and chic minimalism havens. We specialize in crafting durable acrylic organizational accessories that effortlessly blend functionality with impeccable style. Our mission is to provide the tools you need to create clean, bright, organized spaces that inspire calm and clarity.